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Gas Furnaces

We can help you build a total indoor comfort system. Offering a complete line of furnaces, air conditioners and heat recovery ventilators, we can show you how to get the most comfort for your investment.

We can also help you maintain your system so it operates reliably for money-saving efficiency and quiet, soothing comfort. As a committed member of the Bryant team, we will help you enjoy worry-free comfort season after season.

Evolution® System Plus 98M™ Gas Furnace | Model 987M
Model 987M

Pamper yourself with a furnace that delivers superior comfort through reliably consistent temperature control. The Evolution 98M keeps you cozy all winter long with temperatures that are more consistent than standard single-stage furnaces.


Evolution® System Plus 96T™ Gas Furnace | Model 986T
Model 986T

The Evolution 96T raises the bar for temperature control with our Perfect Heat functions and saves significantly on heating costs with exceptional energy efficiency of up to 96.5% AFUE.


Preferred™ Series 95T™ Gas Furnace | Model 925T
Model 925T

The Preferred 95T delivers an even, consistent flow of heated air to significantly reduce hot and cold spots in your home and saves on heating costs with energy efficiency of up to 96.2% AFUE.


Preferred™ Series 95S™ Gas Furnace | Model 925S
Model 925S

The Preferred 95S can save significantly on heating costs with energy efficiency of up to 96.2% AFUE to provide soothing, winter comfort you and your family deserve.


Legacy™ Line 95™ Gas Furnace | Model 915S
Model 915S

The Legacy Line 95 Gas Furnace delivers on energy efficiency, achieving to 95% AFUE. You will love the warmth that is spread throughout your home with the Legacy Line 95 gas furnace.


Legacy™ Line 92™ Gas Furnace | Model 912S
Model 912S

Bryant designed and engineered this gas furnace to deliver up to 92% AFUE to ensure a quality product that is durable, reliable and efficient.


Evolution® System - The Plus 80V™ Gas Furnace | Model 315AAV
Model 915AAV

Bringing home energy-wise comfort is now easier than ever with our Evolution 80 Gas Furnace and simplified system control. An AFUE rating of up to 80% pays off in higher efficiency for lower energy bills and more affordable total home comfort.


Preferred™ Series Plus 80T™ Gas Furnace | Model 312AAV
Model 312AAV

Energy efficient, whisper quiet and ultra-reliable, our Preferred 80 Gas Furnace brings home dual-stage comfort control. You'll minimize temperature swings and maximize savings as it heats on low most of the time.


Legacy™ Line 80™ Gas Furnace | Model 310AAV
Model 310AAV

The Bryant Legacy 80 Gas Furnace ensures reliable performance while providing economical comfort.


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